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01-04-2015 14:13
are you recording avi while playing? that will make it run slower

31-03-2015 17:02
Yeah, the avi output is flawless (save aside for the cropping needed), but the game runs at like 10 fps. There's no way I can play a game that slow.

31-03-2015 16:36
@Brian0451, You can still use Bizhawk, then it doesn't matter how fast you computer is.

31-03-2015 16:35
For those uploading 7800 longplays, Don't get sloppy with the cropping! There is a lot of black bar to crop off.

31-03-2015 16:23
Never mind then. Until I get a faster computer so I can use your recommended emulators, I'm not uploading anything.

31-03-2015 15:56
orugari: if those games dont exist in english, feel free to do the original french version Smile

31-03-2015 15:55
Its not allowed to use Fraps on emulators - and PSXFin is bad anyway Smile

31-03-2015 15:14
I downloaded a patch that makes psxfin run smoother and faster, but I still need Fraps to record. Can I record a test video for you guys to examine?

31-03-2015 12:10
Yeah, if English version of a game exist, that one should be recorded first.

31-03-2015 10:38
I'd rather see the English version out first so that people can actually read whats going on.

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A longplay is a play-through of a computer or video game, created with the intent of completing it as fully as possible, mainly for the purposes of nostalgia, preservation, and possibly as a walkthrough.

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Mega-Drive / Genesis Longplays
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Any new Mega Drive / genesis submissions should be recorded in bizhawk and I may even deny any submissions I suspect are Gens recordings. The emulation is just so much better in Bizhawk and just as easy to use as Gens.

Just note that when rendering the Avi, you will need to enable the pad option and set a resolution of 320x224 otherwise the avi will split if the game changes between high and low resolutions.
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