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06-12-2016 05:08
hoping to see Dead Rising 4 longplay the last released good game this year Smile

06-12-2016 00:23
No problem, i was responding to what spazbo4 said about ff XV

05-12-2016 16:37
Sorry I misjudged and misunderstood you,valis77

05-12-2016 15:27
oh sorry, you were referring to this:
2maqEVNBqY my bad Sad

05-12-2016 15:18

05-12-2016 05:59
we need a captcha for the site so that bots can stop spamming the forums

05-12-2016 03:56
somebody get rid of jumbledfluid93. I don't understand or trust his introduction.

04-12-2016 21:07
1. No 2. Um i wasn't speaking to you so yeah whatcha talking about? >_>

03-12-2016 17:18
ok on the ftp is the file name fixed i see it

03-12-2016 16:30
coz I fked up! I uploaded the file before reserving it ..oh dear :S

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Started: 01.06.16

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A longplay is a play-through of a computer or video game, created with the intent of completing it as fully as possible, mainly for the purposes of nostalgia, preservation, and possibly as a walkthrough.

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10th Anniversary of YT Channel GET!
Today is the 10th anniversary of WoL's channel, cubex55, being open! (That don't feel right...)
Thank you to all the supporters, lurkers, [non-lazy] content providers, and maybe trolls.


"10 years later, the channel closes!" - Mad-Matt

Where are the viewers??
MembersThe site has been pretty quiet (dead?) lately with not much activity on the forums and little to no video comments at all. What needs to be done?
250,000 subscribers GET!
NewsWhat better way to celebrate a new year.

Our(?) [questionable] super awesome channel has just reached 250k subscribers!
We are now one step closer to taking over! (what we taking over? Debatable.)
Shoutouts to the subscribers, non-subscribers, people pointing other people to the channel, and the trolls that may or may not be subscribed to the channel.

Let's shoot for another 50k subscribers.

Calibrate your Screen!
GraphicsI have tried to write a small tutorial on calibrating your screen for outputting a more accurate image. This allows you to view games and longplays as intended and more importantly to those recording games, to capture an accurate image.
Mega-Drive / Genesis Longplays
SoftwareGens is an old and not very accurate emulator. Bizhawk uses the Genplus-GX Genesis emulation and is very accurate, most notably in the Audio department.

Any new Mega Drive / genesis submissions should be recorded in bizhawk and I may even deny any submissions I suspect are Gens recordings. The emulation is just so much better in Bizhawk and just as easy to use as Gens.

Just note that when rendering the Avi, you will need to enable the pad option and set a resolution of 320x224 otherwise the avi will split if the game changes between high and low resolutions.
Host Transfer is moving to a new host

...and the move is done!
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year everyone!
To all longplayers - as most of you have noticed, the Submission List is getting a bit messy. One reason for this is that people submit something and then never bother to update it. Because of this the Submission List has been updated with some auto-administration features that will remove old entries automatically.

The status of your longplay can be seen by the color of the DATE!. If its white, all is fine, if its yellow or orange, it means you need to act and confirm that the entry is still active.
If you dont act in time, the entry will turn red and get DELETED! See the picture below for more info Smile

The current date colors dont have any meaning, so ignore them, the system will be activated at the beginning of January!
100k Subscribers Get!
That's right, everyone! cubex55 has now reached the 100,000 subscriber mark! (at the time of this post) Not only that, but we(?) get a pretty [digital] trophy!! (methinks.)

Many thanks to the fans and non-fans and trolls and all that for the love and support.
Let's shoot for 150k subscribers (too big of a goal?)!...And world domination. (totally not a big goal btw)
Abime IRC Server is down!
Please use until the other server works again!
To all longplayers!
Update: Backup restored from 12/04/13.

Unfortunately due to a bug in the "Delete old submissions" script, all the Submission entries that didnt have a YouTube date set were deleted!

They need to be re-entered into the Submission Database!

Luckily i was able to recover a copy of the site before the deletion happend:
It might help you to find out which entries were deleted! There was a total of 117 that were removed!

Sorry for the inconvenience!
100 Million Views!
Our channel has reached 100 Million views over the weekend!
Lets see if we can reach 1 Billion! Wink