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16-07-2018 23:43
@Liquadox76567 yes when uploading scheduling wasn't a thing and thensome.

16-07-2018 22:31
they get released when people have time to check them

16-07-2018 17:01
@Darius320 My GBC Pokemon Silver needs 4 years!!!!

16-07-2018 16:26
I remember the old days of cubix25

16-07-2018 14:56
Okay, so when new longplays get added to WoL, they get posted to YT within two years. Am I right or wrong?

15-07-2018 16:12
trust me, your longplays will be released two years from now.

15-07-2018 13:27
@danielalcolea I wait since over three months at my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon longplay get released.

15-07-2018 10:18
When go to release longplays uploaded?

14-07-2018 00:57
send me a private message with easy instructions and a link that works

12-07-2018 16:20
Come to our irc / chat channel for help setting up.

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strategy games
I can't see a lot of longplays, if any, of strategy games. Are there people who would like to preserve the entertaining value of the genre?
Why not make a list of some specific games you would like to see done and maybe someone will do it Pfft
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Suprem commander (1? 2?) ?, Age of Empire ?, Warzone 2100 ? Please specify what you want from us. There a ton of strategy games.
I am talking about genre as a whole. Here is a list of specific games that define the genre well, yet weren't made a longplay of:

-----------------real-time strategy---------------------
Dune: the Battle for Arrakis (Sega Mega Drive) (DONE)
Emperor: Battle for Dune
Command and Conquer
Command & Conquer The Covert Operations
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
Command & Conquer: Red Alert (PC)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert Counterstrike
Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Retaliation (there's an old longplay on the website but it has no Soviet campaign)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert The Aftermath
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising
Command & Conquer: Generals
Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (FULFILLED)
Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness
Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal
Starcraft (FULFILLED)
Starcraft: Brood War (FULFILLED)
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (FULFILLED)
StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (FULLFILLED)
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (FULLFILLED)
Total Annihilation
Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency
Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics
Supreme Commander
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
Age of Empires (FULFILLED)
Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome (FULFILLED)
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors
Age of Empires III
Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs
Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods
Cossacks: European Wars
Cossacks: Art of War
Cossacks: Back to War
Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars
Cossacks 2: Battle for Europe
American Conquest
Stronghold: Crusader
Stronghold 2
Stronghold Legends
Stronghold Crusader: Extreme
Stronghold 3
Stronghold Crusader 2 (upon release)

Master of Orion
Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares
Sid Meier's Civilization / CivNet (FULFILLED)
Civilization II
Civilization II: Conflicts in Civilization
Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds
Civilization II: Test of Time
Civilization III
Civilization III: Play the World
Civilization III: Conquests
Civilization IV
Civilization IV: Warlords
Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
Civilization IV: Colonization
Civilization Revolution
Civilization V
Civilization V: Gods & Kings
Civilization V: Brave New World

Pocket Tanks
Hogs of War [FULFILLED]
Worms Reinforcements
Worms: The Director's Cut
Worms 2
Worms Armageddon (PC)
Worms World Party
Worms 3D
Worms 4: Mayhem

-----------------real-time tactics---------------------
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty
Commandos 2: Men of Courage
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive
Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge
John Cooper in Helldorado / Desperados 3: Helldorado
Myth: The Fallen Lords
Myth II: Soulblighter
Myth III: The Wolf Age
Syndicate: American Revolt
Shogun: Total War
Medieval: Total War
Rome: Total War
Medieval II: Total War
Empire: Total War
Napoleon: Total War
Total War: Shogun 2
Total War: Rome II
Imperial Glory
UFO: Aftermath
UFO: Aftershock
UFO: Afterlight
Soldiers: Heroes of World War II / Outfront
Silent Heroes: Elite Troops of World War II / Outfront: Saboteurs
Outfront: Saboteurs 2
Faces of War / Outfront 2
Men of War / Behind Enemy Lines 2: Desert Fox / Outfront 2: Desert Fox
Men of War: Red Tide
Men of War: Assault Squad
Men of War: Vietnam
Men of War: Condemned Heroes
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes 2

-----------------turn-based strategy---------------------
Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest (FULFILLED)
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars
Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of Loyalty
Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia
Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade
Heroes of Might and Magic III:The Shadow of Death
Heroes of Might and Magic IV
Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm
Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War
Heroes of Might and Magic V
Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of Fate
Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East
Might & Magic Heroes VI
Might & Magic Heroes VI: Pirates of the Savage Sea
Might & Magic Heroes VI VI: Danse Macabre
Might & Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness
Disciples: Sacred Lands
Disciples II: Gallean's Return
Disciples II: Rise of the Elves
Age of Wonders
Age of Wonders II
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
Age of Wonders III

-----------------turn-based tactics---------------------
Jagged Aliance
Jagged Aliance 2
UFO: Enemy Unknown / X-COM: UFO Defense / X-COM: Enemy Unknown
X-COM: Terror from the Deep
X-COM: Apocalypse
XCOM: Enemy Within

Computer Bismarck
Panzer General
Steel Panthers
Close Combat
Close Combat: The Road to Baghdad
Close Combat: First to Fight
Close Combat: RAF Regiment
Close Combat: Cross of Iron
Close Combat: Modern Tactics
Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein
Close Combat: The Longest Day
Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem
Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog
Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord
Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin
Combat Mission: Afrika Korps
Combat Mission: Shock Force
Combat Mission: Afghanistan
Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy
Combat Mission: Fortress Italy
Combat Mission: Touch
Edited by Reinc on 03-07-2018 07:07
I can pick Age of Empires and Supreme Commander for sure. AoE will not cause any recording issue I believe (except for AoE III maybe). Supreme commander Forged Alliance will cause some I think.

My PC is not powerful with SupCom. Also I can take a hour for a mission in that game. Especially in the middle of the campaign. I have lags issues past 300 units.
There are some strategy games which i can recommend!

I agree with Heroes Of Might And Magic. Espcially 3, 5 and 6!

Starcraft is a classic so it's also recommended. Starcraft, Starcraft: Brood War, Starcraft 2 and Starcraft 2, Heart Of The Swarm. Starcraft 2, Legacy of The Void is probably also recommended once it's released!

But these games are also recommended but you didn't include these:

Dungeon Keeper 1
Dungeon Keeper 2

I recommend these. Especially Dungeon Keeper 2!
Hello. You can take Starcraft of your list :-) its being uploaded as i speak and more SC series to come
Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me. ~The Overmind, StarCraft
Now that I have a better computer, I'll start looking into fulfilling some of these requests.

The ones I have on deck to do at some point is the Men of War series and some Company of Heroes. I tried to do Commandos but I'm having issues getting the game to run in Windows off of Win8 so I'll have to do it in DOS some time in the future.
Starcraft Broodwar being handled, Recording will be finished today, encoding done tomorrow, then god knows how long to upload (150kb/s upload). Then wait for approval Pfft Entire playthrough will be about 9-10 hours long I estimate. (Including the secret mission)
I'm starting the requirements and trying video recording specs to make a longplay of Total Annihilation, at least the Arm Campaing, then Core, then the rest.

I loved this game to the bone, just need to warm up a little bit.

The recording will probably be like this: I'll play the mission 3 times in order to make the best skill played as possible. I can easily beat the campaing in hard on the first try, but I want to improve this to perfection, as I always tried to do when playing online.

The only thing is that the game need an extra patch to record, and it's a different record setting when on mission and on the menus like mission briefing etc. I may have to encode this at an editor like Sony Vegas. I just hope this site accepts it. I'll do the first 3 missions and then show it here what i've got.
Edited by S_SoulReaver on 01-11-2013 21:03
Alright, good luck S_SoulReaver.
Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me. ~The Overmind, StarCraft
Allright, here's a preview of the first mission, the quality will be improved, but it will be from the same raw footage. The second link is a 4x time-lapse version, witch I intent to do for all missions and upload at an YT channel, again, not the final encode, this one probably will get a background music and maybe more features like a signature intro screen at the beguinning.
Please don't forget to announce that you've uploaded a longplay of a game from the list if you had taken a request from it. Just for the good of those longplayers who might stubmle upon the thread.

And thanks for all the recorded games!
Edited by Reinc on 10-03-2014 13:03
You can take StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty and soon StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm of your list ;D
Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me. ~The Overmind, StarCraft
No dune 2000 in the list? Frown
Total Annihilation status update

recorded up to mission 9, encoded up to mission 4. Im planning to encode Mi 5, thelast of the same planet, then upload them in one file. If they arent so big, Otherwise I will split into smaller files, I have bad up speed, about 50k/s. The encoding is being done using the best setting possible in the analysis tab. But it takes a long time, 6h to encode 10 minutes. But you can expect amazing quality with very small space.

Also, is great to se Starcraft done, it has a great history and videos,
I always wanted to see ituploaded here in LP, cant believe it took so long, Ill enjoy to watch it.

And also, put one there todo list Star Wars: Rebellion, its a Masters of Orion style game.
Edited by S_SoulReaver on 29-12-2013 19:35
You may now put Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm as Fulfilled. (:
Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me. ~The Overmind, StarCraft
Age of Empires & Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome are both done now (:
Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me. ~The Overmind, StarCraft
i know that it don't stay on your list but i can a longplay from plague inc.
Legacy of the Void is done also.
Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me. ~The Overmind, StarCraft
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