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09-03-2018 03:16
I had no clue this is actually a site based from the UK. Most websites I've visited are from the US or UK.

08-03-2018 10:36

06-03-2018 08:45
My longlpay of translated Nekketsu Hockey-bu is marked as Minecraft Story Mode in the "game" field of the video's info.

01-03-2018 12:41
@Segafan You've done it again! submitting foreign versions of games we already have with no explanation of regional differences or comparison against current longplay.

25-02-2018 20:01
Metal Gear Survive is the greatest proof of how not to make a Metal Gear series game! Kojima must be giving is laughing seeing how bad the M.G. Survive is!

20-02-2018 18:28
@Amy Rose, pop into irc chat at some point as we need to discuss encoder settings.

19-02-2018 18:36
most likely the last metal gear game ever released Sad

19-02-2018 18:33
Metal Gear Survive got released.

19-02-2018 16:22
Spazbo4, I got the info from ScHlAuChi and re-submitted

19-02-2018 16:09
How am I supposed to do that? The submission page loses the edit function when it's submitted. I can only delete the submission at this point

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Mega Man Legends 2

[ANIME!] Adventure-y game by Capcom.

Follow same blue robot boy as he, again, goes into ruins for...old keys this time! Big-ass diamond rock things are in other optional ruins.

Plays just like the first, but a bit better: you can lock-on and move this time, most special weapons can be used while running, and you can lift enemies.

This longplay plays through the game on Normal difficulty while trying to do sidequests and make all special weapons...and STILL don't demonstrate them all! At least I use more than the Legends longplay, but stick with Homing Missile because it is so good. Don't the whole...stutter stepping...rapid firing thing. That will be used...a lot. It's to destroy enemies quickly. While clearing the sidequests towards the end, I had to make a trip back to the Calinca ruins because I forgot a part to make the Shield Arm. =_= I think there was something wrong with the ISO since some enemeis didn't use some attacks. =_=



December 29 2017 11:15:49
Download 102
Length 09:44:39
Language English

Download (right click save as):
silross88 on December 30 2017 19:36:37

Thanks, any chance you'll do Rockman DASH Great Five-Island Adventure(english)?

Tsunao on December 31 2017 18:07:11

Mobile games are forbidden.

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