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16-12-2017 16:59
write them again.

15-12-2017 17:29
Anyway, I finished uploaded Xenogears and Boktai 1! Do you still have the Xenogears description saved or will I need to write again?

15-12-2017 14:42
Frederikct112 SPEEEEEAAAAKS!

14-12-2017 06:59
Bouchart please come to our chat so we can help you get started (:

12-12-2017 17:19
i'm looking to submit a DOS game, can I get an admin?

09-12-2017 23:45
Macdonald's? more like McCramits.

06-12-2017 22:21
Macdonald's food FTW!

06-12-2017 10:23
I have replaced my longplay of Elevator Action. It is now ten times longer, for your high-scoring pleasure. I don't think I would be able to progress much further in the game, even with save state

04-12-2017 22:04
Mega Man 11 was just announced Woot! https://www.youtub
5A726f0 gets canceled....Dammit
capcom. no seriously Don't fuck up this time Capcom!

30-11-2017 18:09
Thanks to add my Mario Party N64 Longplays at Xmas on YT. Wink

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Impact Racing

Impact Racing was developed by Funcom and was a Seaga Saturn only release in 1997.

The game plays over 13 stages and you are pretty much just racing against the clock. There are 6 bonus stages and to reach them you need to destroy a specific amount of other racers (which can be done across multiple levels until you hit the requirement). If you complete the bonus level and get needed number of kills you will unlock an extra weapon power up. (so do the other racers...)

The item drop system during a race is fairly forgiving. dropping an item after each kill although you still have to keep control of your car to collect it. if you energy is low, it will usually reward just energy until the low energy alarm stops. then it will likely be extra time pickups. collision detection between your weapons and theirs often feels off at times which can add to the annoyance on later levels.

I complete the game on Normal as Hard is just too ....Hard and I only just manage to complete normal as you need to not only survive, but also get the kill count on the final stage to actually win the game. I unlock some cheat modes but as in the usual sega tradition, it asks for you to complete hard mode to unlock more. I don't think so, not this time. The game just isn't that good and from what I have researched the ending is exactly the same (apart from listed cheats).


September 16 2017 16:41:13
Download 69
Length 01:09:17
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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