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19-10-2017 21:50
Thanks xRavenXP! at least you're kind enough and have the time to respond to me in a respectful manner. I'm glad. ^_^

18-10-2017 04:44
Good luck Valis77!

17-10-2017 16:37
Freudenstachel is now on steam and in English. Time to play this game once again.

10-10-2017 16:58
being necessary to use other songs. In this (a) video, it's really the original songs of the game!

10-10-2017 16:52
The difference between the original version and the version is that in the original version (recorded in 2009) the emulator used by the author did not reproduce the original music of the game, being..

10-10-2017 12:56
Should be a full file replacement. Giving the original player/recorder a chance to correct it first.

10-10-2017 12:56
So what is different in this [a] version? Your efforts would be better spent on games we don't have rather than redoing older ones unless there is some obvious errors in which case it should be a

10-10-2017 04:42
of Rapid Reload, please choose FIXED version!

10-10-2017 04:39
Hello friends. Finally I'm back to the site. I've been a few days away from being busy with work and study, but now I'm cool. Xenogears' longplay is almost ready again. I sent a video

01-10-2017 19:44
When i apologize, i "never ever" mean it. So take that with a grain of salt. Permanently.

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