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16-07-2018 23:43
@Liquadox76567 yes when uploading scheduling wasn't a thing and thensome.

16-07-2018 22:31
they get released when people have time to check them

16-07-2018 17:01
@Darius320 My GBC Pokemon Silver needs 4 years!!!!

16-07-2018 16:26
I remember the old days of cubix25

16-07-2018 14:56
Okay, so when new longplays get added to WoL, they get posted to YT within two years. Am I right or wrong?

15-07-2018 16:12
trust me, your longplays will be released two years from now.

15-07-2018 13:27
@danielalcolea I wait since over three months at my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon longplay get released.

15-07-2018 10:18
When go to release longplays uploaded?

14-07-2018 00:57
send me a private message with easy instructions and a link that works

12-07-2018 16:20
Come to our irc / chat channel for help setting up.

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Downloads: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Downloads Home > Nintendo DS > Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Kazillion days in the making.
Oh, and that kanji as the name on the save file. That is the kanji for gold.

I didnt want to do 100%, but decided Why not? it is. C-Qull to Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow takes place one year after AoS. The game is noticeable for the anime thing going on. Anime thing going on equals no Soma pimp coat. =( (that MIGHT be his pimp coat, but AoS Pimp Coat is where it's at). A new mechanic for this game is the Magic Seal, where after you deplete the boss's HP, you have to draw the Seal to kill it for good. Fail to draw the seal and the boss will regain some HP. For the record: Magic Seal drawing is tool-assisted...sorta. Don't blink!

Game info thingamabob: Another 100% soul as well as 100% Map Rate on Normal mode. Other mentionables: I do some weapon synthesis, go through all mirrors, show all three endings, and locate 3 hidden items: Konami Man, Bell, and Crown. I label it as 100% soul because I get all of the souls, though I use them at the end of the game to get the final form of weapons (yes, there will be Claimh Solais shenanigens...on the final fight). All souls are needed for the Chaos Ring to appear. After getting the Chaos Ring, I do the synthesis thing. First off, I had to go New Game Plus to get the Soul Eater Ring (it is hard to get in this game.) I also brought a Rare Ring into the game as well (there are two ways to get one: having Aria of Sorrow in the DS and starting a new game, or finding it in Silenced Ruin). Sadly, I don't use it, so it was a waste. Other stuff that was brought over to the game are Boss Rush items (RPG, Nunchaku, Terror Bear), some other stuff that came with the file from cheating to clear the game quickly (Whip, Bare Knuckles, Alucard Sword), and stuff I couldn't dispose of (Mina's Talisman, Chaos Ring). I won't be using any of the Boss Rush items, Whip, Alucard Sword, or Chaos Ring (though I will use it when I ACTUALLY pickup the item). I also bought and sold crap so the Gold will be zero, emptied ALL items (consumables), souls, and equipment. Pretty much a clean slate of sorts.

As mentioned, it is 100% soul. Since things don't go right, I have to resort to the grind thing. It isnt TOO bad (unless it is a 3-star soul.) To make mincemeat out of everything, I abuse the hell out of Mandragora (which I shall dub LOLdragora). It only costs 30 MP, range is OMG!, and the damage is INSANE! So expect to hear lots of REEEEEEEEEARGH!! When I do the grind thing, I usually fight the same monster 5 times or so (just noticed I defeated Barbariccia about 13 times. =/ I forgot to reload the savestate.), go through an area 3 times, or use all of the MP. I do get some souls with little effort, like the Treant and Giant Slug. Plus, I need certain souls to get 100% map, to be specific: Bone Ark or Skeleton Ape.

On the subject of souls: there are pretty much 2 setups I use: a Luck setup (Bullet Soul-Guardian Soul-Ghost Dancer; Joyeuse-Three 7-Soul Eater Ring) and a boss-pwning set (usually a Great Sword-Devil-The Creature/Treant). Joyeuse and Three 7 increases Luck a lot. As for Bullet Soul, it is usually LOLdragora. I do switch it out for Aguni and Erinys (towards the end.). Guardian will be whatever. Flying Humanoid doesnt help me that much. =/ Plus it eats up MP. Ghost Dancer increases Luck. Moar Ghost Dancer souls = moar luck. I do switch out Three 7 for Draculas Tunic (it is only 1 luck difference. It won't hurt.) As for the Boss-pwning, there isn't much at the beginning. Great Sword is used due to cancelling. Like SotN, AoS, and PoR, some attack animations can be cancelled. For Swords, it is the usual jump-slash (there are in abundance in this playthrough). For Great Swords, it is attack-backdash-crouch-attack (I find this out later...about somewhere near Balore...either before or after). It piles on quick. Devil is added for moar powah! (the boost is ridiculous) Devil DOESNT kill, but it pwns the MP bar, which is why Treant is there.

Trick of the trade: Succubus Glitch - a neat glitch. It allows you to go through walls. Items needed are a dagger that has a warp skill (Cutall, Alucard Sword, Cinquedia) and the Succubus soul. Use Succubus, cancel with the Dagger special, attack 3 times (you just have to move or attack for about 2.5 seconds), and then use the warp special. Depending on where you use it, you can go through walls and into another room. Heck, you can even skip boss fights with it. Sideeffects include getting items and souls you normally cant (Juliuss Whip, Cross, Yoko spells). I only use twice, but not gamebreakingly. Im just too lazy to take the normal path, so I warp through the wall. Not related, but a warping Dagger special CAN press switches. Doing this allow you to enter through the backdoor to the Silenced Ruin (you enter it normally by using Zephyr soul) and the Clock Tower (from Garden of Madness).

Trick of the trade: Luck manipulation - as usual, RNG is manipulated. I dont manipulate it a lot, but I do try to randomize it a bit. RNG is manipulated by attack, doing a sliding motion (backdash, sliding), and moving. and moving left and right. Of course, there are places (Lost Village), attacks (even own Bullet Souls), and animations (Valkyrie feathers, Iron Golem stomp) that scramble the hell out of the RNG. So...yeah. If you see me attacking the air, I am going through the RNG (noticable on Mimic in Subterrarean Hell.) Other times, I am just attacking the air in hopes of getting the right RNG to get the soul.

Pro-tip?: Iron Golem - sonnuvagun has LOTS of HP and takes 1 damage. To easily defeat one, use the Imp soul with a fast weapon (Valmanway comes to mind). It only has 15 MP. Still doesn't help the fact that Iron Golem is stingy with its soul. =/


November 29 2010 11:53:20
Download 1414
Length 04:40:48
Language English

Download (right click save as):
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